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Error with WRF 4.5.1 Model when using CGLC-MODIS-LCZ_100m


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Hopefully, someone has come across this error.

WPS 4.5 and real v.4.5.1 run fine, I have GLC-MODIS-LCZ_100m as the preferred landuse in the WPS file.

I have set in the WRF namelist file::
num_land_cat = 61,
use_wudapt_lcz = 1,

I get an error stating:
Warning: too many input landuse types

The model then stops running.

Attached are the namelist,input and rsl.error.0000 files.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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I found the solution.

It turns you need to rename the GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_LCZ, GEOGRID.TBL.ARW.(making sure to keep a copy of the original GEOGRID.TBL.ARW). Then re-run WPS, real and WRF will run. The difference between this updated GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_LCZ and my original modifications is that cglc_modis_lcz is set to priority 2 rather than priority 1.