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Hi all,

I am trying to expand the VEGPARM.TBL with the Corine Land cover (CLC) options.
I added the 44 categories at the end of the table, in similar layout to the others.
My current model is WRFV4.0.2
For surface paramaterization I use “sf_surface_physics = 2”.

Right now, WRF does not accept the new table (“num_land_cat = 44”).
Therefore, I tried to find where the table is selected.

In Modele_sf_noahdrv.F is decided what table is used based on the value of MMINLU.
MMINLU is defined in the Registery.EM_COMMON as:
rconfig   character mminlu                derived                  max_domains    " "     -        "mminlu"               "land use dataset"             ""
If I understand it correctly, the derivation happens in module_initialize_real.F.
Through “nl_get_mminlu” routine, I have troubles finding information about this routine.

I assume that this routine uses the num_land_cat input from the namelist to define what table from VEGPARM.TBL is used.

I hope you can give me some information about how to have WRF process my extra table.
If I understand the code well, how do I assign another value to MMINLU?

Thank you in advance,
Take a look at this forum post to see if this gives any helpful information: