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FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE:284"Physical snow depth is less than snow water equiv."

Jason Hou

New member
Hi, everyone!
I am running the adjoint model of wrf in WRFPLUS, first I run the normal forward model with some initial perturbations, then I run the adjoint model to find the gradient. However, the running abort at the final time step of the adjoint model. The error information in the rsl.error file is :
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
Physical snow depth is less than snow water equiv.
I am using WRFPLUS3.9.1 and I have attached my namelist.input and rsl.out and rel.err files(the error information is in rsl.error.0045.txt, which is just a processor error file).
I don't know if I made some mistakes in the physical parameters in the namelist.
Thank you very much!


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