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Favoring error while tuning Ingrid.exe with ERA5 data


Dear all,
I tried to run WPS with ERA5 data, downloading from
Copernicus Climate Data Store |
Copernicus Climate Data Store |

I could run the ungib.exe for pressure level data, but could not run it for single level data and got the below error message:
*** stopping in gribcode ***\n
\tI was expecting a Grib1 file, but this is a Grib2 file.

\tIt is possible this is because of your GRIBFILE.XXX files

\tare not all of the same type.

\tWPS can handle both file types, but a separate ungrib

\tjob must be run for each Grib type.\n

STOP gribsize in gribcode

I wonder why this should happen.

It needs grib1 data, while I run the ungrib.exe for pressure-level data from the same website.

Would you please kindly help me in this regard?