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Fitch parametrization (wind farm parameterization) issue


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Hi all,
I am running WRF ARW 4.4.1 model in 3km resolution with wind farm parameterization option. I am running two runs with same configuration but one with turbines and one without in order to compare the results.
When looking at difference in the wind speed, turbines causes strange noise in the model, which is expected to some extend, but noise grow over time and it looks unrealistic.
I am running only one domain, and I have tried different microphysics, different time step, different number of turbines... I have used both default wind-turbine-1.tbl and I have created my own input file, but the noise is still there, just in different area and at different time.
It looks like the noise is bigger when I add more turbines in the windturbines.txt file. Turbines are on the sea and the noise or areas without wind are far away from turbines.

I have attached the example of the wind speed map just to illustrate the issue.
Does anyone has experience with this parameterization scheme?

Any help is really appreciated!
Thank you in advance,


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