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forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred while running WRF



When I am running the wrf.exe the model crashes after creating my first wrfoutd_01 file.

Please download my wrfinput and wrfbdy files together with the namelist and rsl error files using the following link:


I would much appreciate your help:

Please clarify the following issues:
(1) Which version of WRF did you use?
(2) What is your forcing data?
(3) please upload your namelist.inpuyt for me to take a look.
Hi Ming,

(1) I am using WRF version 4.2
(2) I force WRF with ERA5 model level data
(3) please find attached the nameilst


  • namelist.input
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I found that you set hybrid_opt = 0, which only works for original WRF terrain-following coordinate (before version 4).
Can you change it ti 2, then try again?

Also, this is a 3-domain nesting case. I would suggest you run with a single domain first. If it works, then you may move on to nest case.
Hi Ming,

hybrid_opt = 0 option works fine with my other simulations using WRF version 4.2. Actually, I tested the other options for hybrid_opt and found that it is still better to use original WRF terrain-following coordinate over complex terrain.
I have run the single domain simulation and the model successfully produced my d01 files though I interupted the run after the second d01 file was successfully generated. However, when I turn on my d02 the model crashes.
Thanks for the update. There are a few options that you can try:
(1) reduce time_step from 45 to 36
(2) increase epssm from 0.5 to 0.9
(3) run with more processors (e.g., double the number you used for th failed case)