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free() invalid error when running CBMZ chem_opt=10 emis_opt=5

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wang xuyuan

New member
Dear WRF-Users
I m running the CBMZ mechanism for ozone simulation. However, the model just shut down at the begining here is my error log and name list .It would be truly appreciated if some one can give it a look.
Best regards


  • namelist-9.input
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Hi Wang,

Could you try running the model with debug_level = 300 or greater?

Which version of WRF-Chem is this?
Also, have you been able to run this compilation of WRF in the past?
Have modified anything in the source code? Or the configure.wrf file?

You can try cleaning the code (./clean -a), rerunning configure, then uncommenting the section on FCDEBUG such that it reads

FCDEBUG = -g $(FCNOOPT) -traceback

This will hopefully tell you what part of the code is causing the error.

Hi Jordan
Very sorry about replying late.
Thank you so much for your suggestions, I m using WRF-4.3.1 right now and I have run it successfully with MOZCART mechanism (Chem_opt=112) coupled with (emiss_opt=8), but when I tried to using Chem_opt=10, the error appeared.
Xuyuan Wang