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GPU support for WRF/MPAs

WRF has some GPU-accelerated capabilities but it's largely decentralized and difficult to track down. Also not officially supported, unlike MPAS which does have official GPU support built in.

There are a number of papers that have found success in offloading individual WRF modules onto the GPU to dramatically speed up computation time. Check out Section G within the Literature Review here for a good overview:

Evaluation of GPU Acceleration for WRF–SFIRE - Benz (2021)
As a new WRF user and wannabe developer, I am wondering why there is not an official GPU approach. I am sure this has been studied and there must be reasons for it. Does anybody know why?
It primarily comes down to the fact that we have limited resources to conduct all the coding it would take to make that transition, in addition to the fact that we are no longer actively developing the wrf framework.