Grid of emission files not recognized as lat-lon projection, causing a crash


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Dear WRF community,
For my MSc thesis research I am running WRF-CHEM with emission files I had to create myself. These emission files have the following naming convention: <wrfchemi_d01_yyyy-mm-dd_HH:MM:SS>. This particular WRF-CHEM simulation covers 24-06-2018 up to 01-01-2018, thus running for July 2018 with a few days of spin-up.

At first I chose to use the Lambert Conformal Conic projection (WRF code = 'lcc'), but I figured it would match the original flux data better if I switched to a regular latitude/longitude (WRF code = 'lat-lon').
The WRF-CHEM documentation states I should give dx,dy in the namelist.wps and namelist.input files in degrees, and upon checking the grid that WPS has created after running 'geogrid.exe' I can confirm the grid is configured correctly.
Now that I run WRF using the aforementioned emission files, an error is returned when running 'real.exe' stating the dx,dy is different between the namelist and input files:


This causes 'real.exe' to crash, here is the end of the logfile:


What could be a solution to this problem? How could I get WRF to recognize the emission files are indeed also given in a latitude/longitude grid style?

Thanks in advance!
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Without knowing how you created the emission files, I don't know for sure. Either you need to reconfigure how the emission files were generated or use a tool to adjust the files attributes (e.g., nco, NCL), being careful to ensure that both your emissions and model grid are on the same projection and grid.