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[Help]How to fix the temperature tendency equation?

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Dear all,
I wanna add an unchangable heat source in the environment fields. I tried to add it in the initial sounding field, but it dissipated with the model running. So, my supervior told me that I need to fix the temperature tendency equation in the WRF code. The question is ,that I couldn't find which programs include this equation. :( :( :(
Could you all please tell me how to fix it to ensure the heat source stable?
Thanks. ;)
To maintain a heating source in the atmosphere, I believe you would need to make some modifications in dyn_em/module_diffusion_em.F. Take a look at how tke_heat_flux (which provides the surface heat flus to drive/maintain a free CBL) is used, and you can use that as a guideline/example to follow for adding other heat sources.