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How can i do this simulation

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I'm a novice at WRF simulation.During the latest days, I have seen an idealized simulation to simulate the ocean eddy like this: the SST field is defined by himself with a special mathematical expression.
My question is that: which framework should I choose in the already cases that have existed file in WRF3.8 and how can I change the SST filed like that type mentioned above.
I'm not sure I understand the question exactly. Can you be more specific regarding the idealized simulation you are referring to - was this a WRF idealized case? Can you please also explain what you mean when you say that the SST field is "defined by himself," and be specific regarding the "special mathematical expression." Thank you!

Recently, I have made some progress in this question.It will use the 'em_b_wave' ideal case,in this case, you know I should give wrf modle the sounding of the atmosphere.This case does not like the other ideal case whose sounding information can be easily written in a txt file.In the em_b_wave case , the sounding of the information is written in a binary file called 'input_jet'.
I have two questions about this case.Firstly, How can i change the sounding information in the 'module_initilize_b_wave.F' or how can I rewrite
a 'input_jet' file .Secondly, I failed to change the modle SST. I have tried to change the 'tsk' in the 'module_initilize_b_wave.F' and the recompiled,but it does not work.
Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Unfortunately the b_wave case is a bit different from the other idealized case. As you mentioned, the initial conditions are all in a binary file (input_jet). This file was provided to us from an outside source many years ago, and we don't have the means to develop another binary file like this. So that file is used to initialize the case, instead of an input sounding. There is no module_initialize_b_wave.F file. I assume you must be referring to module_initialize_ideal.F, which reads in the information from the input_jet file, and it's hard-wired in there. It can't be modified, or it will not match the information found in input_jet.