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How can I output exchance coefficients of full model levels in special PBL scheme?

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I want to output exchance coefficients for heat and momentum in MYJ, YSU and ACM2 PBL (WRFv3.5.1). I have found EXCH_H and EXCH_M in Registry.EM_COMMON and changed the I/O to “rh”, and the wrfout of 3 PBL all get EXCH_H while ACM2 should not caculate the diagnostic variable of exch_h. What’s more, the results of EXCH_M in 3 PBL are all times 0 (because the 3 PBL do not have the diagnostic variable of exch_m?).
So if I want to get Kh and Km , I need to pass down like solve_em.F> module_first_rk_step_part1.F> module_pbl_driver.F> module_bl_acm.F to declare the variable?
Thank you very much for any help or hints!
Take a look at this forum topic that is very similar to what you are asking. Perhaps reading through this will help you with your problem.
Let me know if you still have questions.
Thank you for your reply, Kelly.I read that topic and learned a lot.
I managed to modify all the related codes in *.F files,but I failed to compile WRF.Then I use the *.F files provided below that topic and I failed again.
I surely run "clean" order before compile, so is it the problem that I didnot modify the codes correctly, or this method does not apply to WRF3.5.1 ,and I should turn to WRf3.8.1?
Maybe this question is not about Physics ,I'll be appreciated for your help.
Hi Jason,
The files that were attached to the other forum post were specific to V3.8.1 of the model. As you are running V3.5.1, there are likely discrepancies that go beyond just these files. Can you go back to your own modifications to the *.F files (prior to trying the files from the other forum post)? You said that WRF didn't compile after that. Can you send all of the modified files, along with your compile log?