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How to activate the time series output in wrf

Allen Zhang

New member
I noticed that wrf can produce a time series output at a certain location by presenting a 'tslist' file as shown in README.tslist.
Is there any one have made it worked. In my experiments, I provided a file named 'tslist' in run directory, however, when the program is completed, I can not see files named "*.TS". Is there any steps that I missed, can you give me a complete process to produce a time series output. (For example, should we modify the registry file and compile em_real again, or should we add an option in the namelist)?

I am using WRF4.4 and have set solar_diagnostics=1, if I want to produce a time series of output as shown in README.tslist, how should I do?
I found that if I change "?!" to "ij", and add a 'h' in final column, I can see a variable in wrfout.
The file 'tslist' must exist in the working directory where you run wrf.exe. Also, note that the format of tslist must be correct. Please follow the format shown in the example.