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How to add a new snow albedo schems in WRF/Noah-MP and add a new input varaibles in wrfinput ?

Zilu Zhang

New member
Hi all, I am trying to fully coupled SNICAR snow albedo shemes in WRF/Noah-MP(online). The SNICAR has been Coupled in WRF/CLM already and I am planning to ake out the SNICAR fortran subroutine from CLM model code and create a new physics option in Noah-MP. Now I have the problem that the SNICAR need the aersols concentrations in snow. And now I want to add an new input varaibles in wrfinput and let SNICAR get the aersols concentrations in snow from the wrfinput*. But I have no idea how achieve that. What and where I need modif codes except the module_sf_noahmplsm.F ?