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How to get level or height coordinates from WRF-Chem output


Dear all,
I have calculated Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) from WRF-Chem output using "TAUAER2" and "TAUAER3" (script attached) using NCL. I would like to plot AOD for a specific latitude, on height ( ACROSS SECTION PLOT). So after calculating AOD, I used "gsn_csm_pres_hgt" to do so. However, I have got the below error:

fatal: Dimension (level) of (AOD550_3D) does not have an associated coordinate variable

I checked the coordinate variable for TAUAER2 and found no coordinate variable related to height.
Below is a summary of TAUAER2 :

Type: float
Total Size: 144434880 bytes
36108720 values
Number of Dimensions: 4
Dimensions and sizes: [Time | 24] x [bottom_top | 30] x [south_north | 229] x [west_east | 219]
Time: [ 24.. 47]
Number Of Attributes: 6
coordinates : XLONG XLAT XTIME
stagger :
units : ?
description : bin 2 layer optical thickness
MemoryOrder : XYZ
FieldType : 104

I also contacted NCL to ask for help, but they told me to contact the WRF community. So would you please give me advice on how to find a coordinate for the "level" variable please?

So how can I remove this error, please?
Thanks in advance.


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