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How to make the 3D Baroclinic Wave 2D?

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Our goal is to to simulate the development of an idealized 2D front initialized by the baroclinic jet case (em_b_wave). This requires us to modify the simulation so as to run in 2D rather than 3D.

To do this we have changed the number of grid cells along the x-axis to 3 (e_we=3 in the namelist). Following the other 2D simulations (such as the gravity wave one) we have set the x-axis to be periodic as well. The issue is that the run fails when we make e_we=3. Please note that we are also rerunning "ideal.exe" after changing the namelist. Unfortunately, the rsl.error file is not very useful (see attached) and so this has been difficult to debug. Something that I have found in my testing is that the run is successful for e_we=7 and above, but fails for e_we=6 and lower. Initially, I had thought that this indicated that the advection scheme should be reduced from 5th to 3rd order but it did not help either. The namelist file is also attached. Does anyone have any ideas why the model is failing? And if so, do you have any suggestions for how to resolve it?


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So unfortunately the b_wave case is a bit different from the other idealized cases, in that the initial conditions are all in a binary file (input_jet). This was provided to us, and we don't have the means to develop another binary file like this. This means that the dimensions of this case cannot be altered, unless one has the ability to construct an analytic way to bring that data in. If you are digging deep into this, and would like to do something like that, we could include your code in future releases, but we certainly understand if that is not the route you are taking with your work.

As a side note, have you considered using the em_squall2d_y case in the way that you are interested in creating this 2d frontal case?