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How to Prescribe HFX, QFX, and LH in an idealized WRF simulation


New member
Dear WRF Community,

I am trying to run a simulation to study the urban heat island problem. To do this, my plan is to run an idealized WRF simulation prescribing heating over a flat surface or a mountain.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

With Kind Regards
Even in ideal cases, HFX, QFX and LH are calculated in WRF by its physics scheme. To prescribe these variables sounds not like an easy thing to do. You may need to modify relevant codes.
One option might be that, you can provide a netCDF file that contains the the prescribed data, and follow the option sst_update option to update these variables. This is just my personal idea, and I am not sure how much work could be involved.