How to transfer domain plotted in GIS to namelist parameters

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Hi there,

I have domain locations plotted in GIS and am wondering what is the easiest way to transfer these to namelist parameters. I have ref_lat and ref_lon of the centre point but am lost on the best way to calculate the i_parent_start, j_parent_start, e_we and e_sn values?

Is there any formulas or tools people use to transfer from m in GIS to the grid spacings? It is really important the smallest nest is in the correct location and it keeps being slightly off and trial and error isn't specific enough.


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If you haven't already, take a look at this web page, which explains each namelist.wps parameter in detail and how they are calculated. You may also find this presentation useful - specifically starting around the 09:30 minute mark.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any such tool that will compute WRF domain points from GIS, though others on this forum may have some useful information regarding that.