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How to use pywinter for intermediate files?


New member
Hi all,

As my title says, I am trying to use pywinter to generate intermediate files to be read in by WRF/MPAS-A. I can import the module in python via
import pywinter

But trying to import the subroutine
import pywinter.winter

Results in the following error:
ImportError: /glade/u/home/doughert/miniconda3/envs/pangeo3/lib/python3.9/site-packages/ undefined symbol: _intel_fast_memset

Since others seem to have success using this tool, could someone please let me know how you got it working? For reference, I am using a virtual environment on Casper with Python v.3.9.

Per the Zulip ESDS forum from Katelyn FitzGerald:

You may need to unload your compiler modules so that the package builds using the compilers in your conda env (there's some Fortran in pywinter that's making things a bit complicated). There might be a smoother way to do this, but it works at least.

When reinstalling you'll probably also need to tell pip not to use the cache:

pip install pywinter --no-cache-dir