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How to use VPRMpreproc results to run WRF_CHEM in auxinput15


New member
Hi, guys, I hope I can get your help.

At present, I have successfully completed the operation of VPRMpreproc program, and got seven related parameters, such as LSWI, LSWI_max/min, EVI, EVI_max/min and vegetation_fraction_map. But these seven parameters are divided into seven files.

So, my question is,
first, how should these seven parameters be associated with auxinput15, which can give me more information, such as the format of an instance, or give me some URL and documentation to illustrate.
Second, to run auxinput15 in WRF_CHEM, what parameters are needed in namelist.input to be able to compute VPRM and provide data for chem_opt=16.

If there is any problem in my expression, please remind me to correct it in time
I' m interested in WRF-VPRM too.
I‘ ll apperaciate if you could share experience about running the VPRMpreproc program!