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Ideal case WRF-LES with complex terrain

Apologies for the delay. We are still trying to get caught up after the holidays.

Are you looking to add actual terrain details (as would be in a real-data case) to the grid? How much detail are you interested in? Can you elaborate a bit on your goal and why you'd rather use an ideal case than a real-data case for this set-up? Thanks!
Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I initially ran a convective boundary layer case similar to the example case given with the installation package. I assume that is for the flat terrain. Now I want to run a pure convective boundary layer case with rough terrain. The idea is the one-to-one comparison of the pure convective boundary layer for a flat terrain and complex terrain. In this case, the complex terrain can be as simple as possible such as a terrain with rectangular ridges. Please let me know if is possible to run a case like this with ideal boundary conditions.

Again thank you very much for your reply.
It would probably be easier to run a real-data case with the terrain included, and then run another real-data case where you've removed the terrain from the input files (prior to running real.exe).