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Inconsistent namelist option descriptions

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Hi, I'm now preparing a WRF V4.1.4 simulation, and got some confusion with the namelist.input options. For the microphysics options, the user guide points option 52 to different schemes ( In the second table of "Summary of Microphysics Options", code 52 is P3-ice. But in the details of namelist options ("Description of Namelist Variables"), code 52 points to P3-nc. I am wondering which is the correct information? And if anyone has done a complete check of these tables (as there might be other inconsistencies I have not noticed)? Thanks!


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Below is the correct information for P3:

mp_physics = 50, P3 1-category
mp_physics = 51, P3 1-category plus double-moment cloud water, this is p3-nc
mp_physics==52 P3 2-category, this is p3-ice