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Initial and boundary conditions

Rajarshi Sharma

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Hello, I am new to WRF model, hence bit confused about the selection of source for meteorological grib2 data for initializing the model. One of my model domain (domain 1) has an area of 750x750 sq. km and another one (domain 2) of 180x180 sq. km with an expected output resolution of 5 km x5 km for domain 1 and 1 km x 1 km for domain 2.

I am confused between various data sources like NCEP-GFS, NCEP-FNL, ERA5-reanalysis data sets.

Thanks in advance.
Please choose the dataset with high resolution and frequent update. Usually the maximum ratio of the forcing data resolution to WRF outermost domain grid interval should not be larger than 6 - 8. For your case, I suppose GFS and ERA5 both work fine.
My research domain size is similar to Rajarshi. Two-nested model domain, 1255*1255 km (d01), 181*186 km (d02), having a grid spacing of 5 km and 1 km both horizontal directions.
Can NCEP GDAS FNL(ds083.3) be adopted?
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I would suggest using GFS, which is quarter degree resolution that is much higher than FNL.
If for some specific reason you want to stay with FNL, I believe that should also work.