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Interpolating WRF data (on structured grid) to observation location (latitude/longitude point)


New member
Hey there, I'm trying to figure out what the best Python function would be (from wrf, SciPy, etc.) to interpolate gridded WRF output data to a specific observation location at a latitude/longitude point, across various vertical levels. I know that some NCL functions are supposed to handle this, but I've been having trouble trying to find a Python equivalent. The goal of this script is to plot a series of ensemble member soundings with observational soundings overlaid for comparison. Currently, I'm trying to figure out how to use SciPy's interpn function to see if this will work; any tips are greatly appreciated! I've also tried looking through the various wrf interpolation routines (from User API — wrf-python documentation) and I might try to see if extracting data at the specified pivot point in the wrf.vertcross is an option. Thank you in advance for any help!