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Is SWDOWN the downward shortwave radiation at the ground?


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I am studying on ocean modeling and want to use WRF results to drive the ocean model as meteorological forcing.

I have one question about the shortwave and hope anyone can help me with it here.

I want to get the value the net shortwave radiation at the ocean surface, that is, the shortwave radiation absorbed by the ocean/water. I found there is a variable named 'SWDOWN', defined as DOWNWARD SHORT WAVE FLUX AT GROUND SURFACE. Is this value the net shortwave radiation, or do I need to do more calculations to get the net shortwave from SWDOWN?

I believe the variable you're looking for is GSW. This is from the Registry.EM_COMMON file.

state    real  GSW              ij      misc        1         -      rd       "GSW"                   "NET SHORT WAVE FLUX AT GROUND SURFACE"           "W m-2"