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Is the theta in an input sounding dry or moist, is there an error in the manual?


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The manual says that theta in an input sounding is moist (see page 44 "where qv and θm are given in the input sounding"). This seems unlikely because 1) dry temperature is usually measured and 2) the get_sounding subroutine appears to be using the value as a dry theta, where later the moist theta is calculated with qvf = 1. + rvovrd*qv_input(k) and th_input(k)*qvf
I am looking at page 44 of the Tech Note A Description of the Advanced Research WRF Model Version 4.3 | OpenSky where it says theta is moist

Now that you brought up the user's guide, I see it says theta is dry in the input sounding in that document.

From the users guide: "Each subsequent line has five input values: height (meters above sea-level), dry potential temperature (K), vapor mixing ratio (g/kg), x-direction wind component (m/s), and y-direction wind component (m/s)."