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issue with VEGPARM.TBL (input conversion error)

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Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue:

forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit 16, file /mnt/c/scratch/sciteam/trapp/rerelrun2018110600/VEGPARM.TBL

I've confirmed that the file exists in my run directory (and tried using version from MPAS 5.2).

This is with MPAS 7.0. No such error with 5.2, built on same machine.

Log file and stdout/err files attached.

Probably overlooking something obvious...



  • rerelrun2018110600run.o10579805.txt
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  • rerelrun2018110600run.e10579805.txt
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  • log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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Following some offline conversation, it appears that the issue is that the VEGPARM.TBL file was from an earlier version of MPAS-Atmosphere. The v7.0 release of MPAS-Atmosphere updated the Noah scheme, and this update requires new tables. Part of the MPAS build process involves obtaining look-up tables from the MPAS-Data repository, and in principle the script that performs this work should update the tables as needed. But, it seems that we've encountered a case in which case the tables weren't being obtained for the v7.0 release.

In general, searching for the string "NLCD40" in the VEGPARM.TBL file should return a positive match if the tables are those that are needed by MPAS-Atmosphere v7.0.