Main features between different parameterizations


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Hi all,
I have clearly realized that Grell-Freitas (GF) scheme can smooth the transition to cloud-resolving scales in MPAS for variable resolution simulation. I have seen that there is also GF scheme option in WRF, but WRF seems can not smooth the transition to cloud-resolving scales(I mean WRF can not do variable resoluton simulation).So my qustions is:
Q1) How does GF Scheme work in WRF without variable resoluton mesh?
Since I am also interested in other parameterization schemes, So my second question is:
Q2) Main difference between Thompson and WSM6 for Microphysic Scheme, YSU and MYNN for Boundary Layer Scheme, Monin-Obukhov and MYNN for Surface Layer Scheme? I wii appreciate it if you could give me some general answers or slides from one`s presentation or any paper or something else.