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Many output variables are missing in wrfinput and wrfbdy

Yang Chen

New member
Dear everyone,

I met a problem: I am running WRF-chem V3.9, and when I finished running the first real.exe, I found that the generated wrfinput and wrfbdy files are missing a lot of variables, and the aerosol variables that I am concerned about are not there at all (as in Figure 1 in the attached file); Figure 2 is the output (part) of my colleague who is using the same wrf-chem models on the same server as me, and he has all kinds of aerosol variables in his output.

I would like to know what is going on with this problem and what can be done to solve it in order to output aerosol information.

PS: I haven't changed the registry file. I run the model without any errors, and I can even run it with the chem_opt switch on in namelist to get the final wrfout files (but this wrfout file doesn't have any aerosol information either).

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