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Missing value after using "convert_mpas"


New member
Hi everyone,

I completed a regional MPAS simulation with 15-3km resolution recently. I successfully obtained a series of "main.****.nc" files. Now I use the convert_mpas tool to convert the output files to lat-lon format (

But when I used ncl to draw, I found that a part of the area was blank (the north side of the target area). As shown below left:
But when I use ncl to draw on the original main.****.nc file, the target area is complete. As shown below right:
I made sure my NCL scripts do not limit the lat or lon of the map.

I made sure to cover all target areas when using the convert_mpas tool. My target_domain file is:
startlat = -10.0
endlat = 90
startlon = 30.05
endlon = 180.05
nlat = 1000
nlon = 1500

Can anyone help me? I have no idea about the missing area in the (nc file generated by convert_mpas).



Would you please upload a single main.****.nc file to our Nextcloud storage for me to take a look? Please let. me know the file name after you upload it. Thanks.
Thanks. Ming Chen,
Now I have updated the file "" ( a single file from original MPAS output ) and "" ( generated by conver_mpas at 07-07_14.30.00 with mslp ) to storage.
There is no lat/lon information in your file "". I cannot run convert_maps to repeat your issue.
Do you have any other file that includes the required mesh information for convert_mpas?
Apologize for the absence of lat/lon information in the files uploaded before. Now, I have uploaded the file "" which includes the lat/lon information. Thanks!
Hi Monica,
I can repeat the issue you have. Thanks for reporting this with the convert_mpas tool. We will work on it and hopefully to fix it soon .