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New member

I am trying to understand where the density of aerosols:

! dry densities (g/cm3)
real, save :: &
dens_so4_aer, dens_nh4_aer, &
dens_no3_aer, dens_pom_aer, &
dens_soa_aer, dens_bc_aer, &
dens_dust_aer, dens_seas_aer

are read or computed. I also have been trying to locate the data file modal_aero_data. Can somebody let me know where that file is located in the WRF-Chem sourcecode and if it also contains the densities listed above?

Hi, this information depends on which aerosol scheme you are using - which one are you using?

You can also search the source code:

cd WRF/chem
grep -i dens_so4_aer *.F

Hi Jordan:
I would like to use the option cbmz_cam_mam3_noaq chem_opt==501 or cbmz_cam_mam3_aq chem_opt==503. I actually would like to use some of the cam_mam sourcecode for a simple implementation in MPAS which is the reason why I have been looking for the location of modal_aero_data. May be it is built at compile time?

As you suggested, I also did a "grep" on the different aerosol densities. Unfortunately, I did not, for instance, found the density for organic carbon (POM). Is there an actual input file for the properties of the MAM aerosols?