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Modifying WRF 'wrf.exe' Simulation to Remove Typhoon (cyclone) Effects


Hello everyone:

I am running a simulation using WRFv3.7.1(double nesting) for a duration of 15 days, and during the execution of wrf.exe, the simulation successfully reaches the 10th day, where the generation of 2 typhoons is observed.

Since these typhoons are generated during the execution of wrf.exe, it is not possible to remove one of the typhoons by modifying the WPS process.

Now, I want to remove one of the typhoons, so that by the 10th day of the simulation, only 1 typhoon is generated. Could you please advise on which code I should modify and which variables need to be adjusted?
WRF provides the TC Bogus Scheme to remove typhoon vortex from the input data. However, this scheme is designed to work on metgrid data. For your case, I am thinking that you may read wrfout file at the 10th day of integration, interpolate the data to pressure level, and write the interpolated data in metgrid data format. Then you can employ the bogus scheme to remove one single typhoon vortex,.

This is a tedious yet feasible method to achieve what you intend to do. You may also refer to the codes of TC Bogus and create a new capability to process wrfout file directly. Either way will involve certain coding and programming work.