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monthly albedo

Dear Supporters,
in this thread I read that the usemonalb option (real/wrf) should also write the used values to the ALBBCK variable.
Well, I changed in my domain files the monthly values of the ALBEDO12M variable over the ocean according to other seasonal values that we are more familiar with, in the Mediterannean Sea.
They are correctly displayed in the domain file, but I don't see any change when I run real to generate the WRF input files.
Both in the wrflowinp_01 and wrfinput_01 the ALBBCK on the ocean is not changed (still 0.08), elsewhere is changed accordingly with the prescribed monthly values in the domain file. BTW, sst_update = 1 in my real namelist.
Looks like the update of the albedo is not effective over the ocean, or alm I missing something?
P.S. ALBEDO still unchanged in the WRF outputs (sst_update here is set to false because the model is coupled with NEMO)
Thank you very much
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Dear @Ming Chen
I commented line 1286 in dyn_em/module_initialize_real.F (WRF4.2)
               IF ( grid%landmask(i,j) .LT. 0.5 ) THEN
               !   grid%albbck(i,j) = 0.08
                  grid%snoalb(i,j) = 0.08
               END IF
and commented line 1128 in phys/module_physics_init.F
     IF(XLAND(i,j) .LT. 1.5)THEN
!       IF(mminlu_loc .EQ. '    ') ALBBCK(i,j)=0.08

I am not sure the second change is needed, but at the end now I have time-interpolated monthly values of albedo on the ocean.