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My wrfoutput are completely unchanged when I edit wrfinput or use the restart option.

Yuchen Kang

New member
Hi, I'm currently having a very strange problem.

I'm trying to run em_tropical_cyclone under different conditions. More specifically, I want to run wrf under certain background A for 6 hours, then continue it in another background B for 6 hours. To clarify, my actual run time is 14 days, and I just use the wrfrst at 6h.

The problem is, when I compare my restart wrfoutput for background B with directly running under B for 14 days, I find them to be exactly the same -- the 6h in background A has completely no effect at all, which is quite impossible.

To further prove that it's an incorrect situation, I try another test: I directly run under background B, with wrfinput file editted before running. The result is also exactly the same, compared to the directly running case.

I appended an example namelist I used. I'm thinking if the problem is related to my time_step being too short (as I'm using a relatively high resolution).


  • namelist.input
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The restart option only uses the wrfrst* files and the wrfbdy_d01 file as input. Since idealized cases don't have a wrfbdy file, the model should only be using the wrfrst* files, which serve to replace the wrfinput* files. Can you try modifying the wrfrst* files to see if that makes any difference?
Hi, so I'm referring to two cases in my question. I think I have resolved the restart one. The problem left is: no restart, change wrfinput, no change in wrf output. I increase the surface "T" by 30 just to test if I can vary wrfinput to get different output. Is it something to do with the variable T, not the other variables? Or is it some other reasons?
I apologize for the long delay in response. Thank you for your patience.

I'm glad to hear you were able to figure out the restart issue. If you are still experiencing the other issue, do you mind sharing both the unmodified and modified wrfinput* files so that I can try to test this out? Those files will be too large to attach, so take a look at the home page of this forum for instructions on sharing large files. Can you also let me know which version of WRF you are running? Thanks!