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Need suggestions about the post-processing on Mac M2 chip

Boyan Xin

New member
Hi,I'm now using my Mac (with M2 chip, arm64) to run the wrf model, details shown as below:
- MacBook Air (M2)
- MacOS Monterey
- WRF 4.3.3 & WPS 4.4

I can now successfully run WPS and WRF models (single-domain cases), but the post-processing part doesn't seem to advance properly.
Following the instruction on the online tutorial:
- For NCL, it needs the 'libgfortran.4.dylib', however, the gcc version which installed on my laptop is 12.2.0 with 'libgfortran.5.dylib'.
- I searched for wrf-python, but it also seems not support the arm64.

Need some suggestions about how to deal with the post-processing part with Mac.
Really appreciate!
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