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Nested Hurricane Namelist Physics Options


New member
I am relatively new to WRF but I am trying to run a (3) nested (Atlantic) hurricane case but I am wondering what namelist options are best recommended for the nested domains. For the parent domain i used the following options: mp_physics = 6, ra_sw_physics = 4, ra_lw_physics = 4, radt = 10, sf_sfclay_physics = 1, sf_surface_physics = 2, bl_pbl_physics = 1, bldt = 0, cu_physics = 6, cudt = 0. I've seen these options are recommended for hurricane applications online hence why I chose them.
I am now wondering what would be best to do for the 2 inner domains. Could the inner domains have the same physics options as the parent or should they be different?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.