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netcdf problem during WPS compilation but WRF compilation OK


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I compiled the WRF libraries according to the tutorial.
Then, I compiled the latest WRF and WPS versions (git clone master branch)
WRF compilation went well
WPS compilation went well too (geogrid.exe and ungrib.exe) untill the metgrid part.
In the metgrid part, I get a NETCDF error.
This is strange because I did not change the netcdf-related environment variables between WRF and WPS compilation
See the error in log_compile.txt or here:
/usr/bin/ld: /home/wrf/src_wrf/gnu/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES2/netcdf//lib/libnetcdff.a(nf_nc4.o): in function `nf_def_var_chunking_':
nf_nc4.f90 .text+0x608d): undefined reference to `nc_def_var_chunking_ints'

The files attached contain exactly all commands I used for compilation, as well as the compile logs.
Please also note:
- I had to install some systemwide netcdf libraries in order to successfully build the netcdf libraries in the tutorial:
sudo apt-get install netcdf-bin libnetcdff-dev
- I have Ubuntu 22.04 and gcc version 11.4

Can you help me?
Thank you very much !


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Thank you. What do mean by "updating the post"? Am I supposed to do something?
No, you have already done it. Your response to let me know you were able to solve it was your way of updating it, and so I was thanking you!