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Null Potential evapotranspiration (POTEVP) with Noah-MP parameterization

I am performing some simulations using the Noah-MP scheme instead of the simplest Noah scheme for the sf_surface_physics. With this parameterziation I always obtain null potential evaporation in the wrfout. Does this happen because potential evaporation is not computed in the Noah-MP scheme or are some namelist modifications needed to compute it?
In the first case, which is the best alternative to compute potential evapotranspiration with the variables written in the wrfout files?
The namelist.input is attached below.
Thanks for the attention.


  • namelist.input
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The accumulative potential evaporation (potevp) is only calculated in Noah scheme. If you run WRF using NoahMP, this variable is not calculated.
Please take a look at the code phys/module_sf_noahdrv.F, in which potevp is calculated. Probably you can follow the same approach to diagnose potevp in NoahMP.