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Operational WRF forecasts at the Meteorological Service of Catalonia


New member
Dear colleagues,

This was just to let you know that the Meteorological Service of Catalonia ( has been operationally running the WRF model since 2012. Currently, WRF-ARW is our reference NWP model in the institution and their real-time forecasts are shown at our website.

Given that the WRF Users' Page includes a list of sites with real-time WRF forecasts (WRF REAL-TIME FORECAST PAGE) we would be glad if you added a link to our forecasts on it. The link to the viewer is this one: Models numèrics atmosfèrics - Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya. And here you have a proposal for the text following the link:
  • WRF Forecasts by Meteorological Service of Catalonia (METEOCAT), with real-time forecasts for Catalonia and NE Iberian Peninsula.
Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes,

Jordi Mercader