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P_* indices for "scalar

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I now still find the model crashes on my machine with a report, "memory corrupted".

I am wondering if all the passive tracers (about 100) that I have added are actually taking up too much memory for my machine.

When I print out the "P_*" indices for the 4th dimension of "scalar" array containing my tracers, some of them seem to be wrongly set to the same value as a pre-existing one (P_QI = 5).

Attached is my Registry file.

Something may be going wrong with the case/registry mechanism.

Ideas welcome.

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Actually now I realise the P_* indices for the "Scalar" array are OK.

But why is the machine crashing with a report, memory corrupted ?

I am no sure how you add those 100 tracers to the code? Please see the document here:
It shows in detail how to add tracers to the WRF system. Please double check to make sure you follow the correct way to add tracers.

If you reduce the number of tracers to a smaller value , for example 5, can you run the same code?