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Pass a variable to microphysical scheme


This question has been asked here. Hope to get help!
the variable tracer(I,k,j,P_tr17_2) has been calculated in solve_em.F and designed to be passed to module_mp_full.F

Following is what I did:
the calculated tracer(I,k,j, P_tr17_2) is firstly in the CALL microphysics_driver, TRA=tracer(ims,kms,jms,P_tr17_2)
and then in the module_microphysical_driver.F: TRA = tr_two in the SBM FULL case.
in the module_mp_full.F I got the tr_two = 0.00000E00 when I print tr_two(I,k,j)
I am really wonder how to fix the error to get effective values of tracer in SBM.

Thank you for your attention.