PBL and Surface Layer

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Hi. I would like to ask regarding the combination of the PBL and surface layer. Previous version of 3.5 and earlier suggests that YSU can only be paired with MM5 similarity, but in v.3.6 and recent, YSU can now be paired with MM5 and Revised MM5. May I know the difference between this two version? Is it safe to say that one can also use Revised MM5 similarity with YSU following the recommendations in v.3.6 until recent? Thank you so much.

Ming Chen

Staff member
There are some updates in the revised MM5 surface scheme, which make it better than the original one. The paper to introduce these updates can be found here:
Jimenez, Pedro A., Jimy Dudhia, J. Fidel Gonzalez–Rouco, Jorge Navarro, Juan P. Montavez, and Elena Garcia–Bustamante, 2012: A revised scheme for the WRF surface layer formulation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 140, 898–918. doi:10.1175/MWR-D-11-00056.1
Yes we do recommend our users to run YSU PBl with the revised MM5 surface scheme.