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Persistent error :Could not find matching time in input file wrffirechemi

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I am using the WRF-chem version 4.1 and using MOZART/GOCART option to simulate chemistry. I am using anthro_emis and mozbc utilities.
I am trying a basic test run and I can not solve the following error (rsl file attached) after trying various debugging solutions.
There seem to be no mismatch in wrfiput and wrffirechmei, wrf_biochemi and wrf_chemi input files. Yet the error persists.
I attach my namelist.input and rsl.error files. View attachment namelist.input

Please I'd really appreciate any help with this.

Thanks, Prerita


  • rsl.error_0000_10072020.txt
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Hi Prerita,

It looks like it read in your fire emissions once, but then failed at another time. It likely has something to do with the name of the file, how many timesteps are in your file, and the interval you provide for auxinput7.

How many emission timesteps are in the fire file?


EDIT: Here is another post dealing with a similar issue: