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Problem building executables


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I'm a student taking up Meteorology and we were tasked to install WRF by following the guide provided by UCAR. I was able to follow everything and fix some problems, but now when I use the command "./compile em_real >& log.compile", it doesn't produce the executable files. I don't really know how to identify the errors in the build log, so I went here to ask how to fix it. Thanks in advance!


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That's definitely an interesting error. Could you display the outputs of mpif90 -compile-info or if that fails (e.g. gfortran error unrecognized command-line option or something to that effect) then mpif90 -showme?

I suspect it might have to do with certain distributions of MPI automatically adding flags in the wrapper which do not appropriately trigger the respective necessary effects at the link stage.
I was able to fix it already. I found out that my PATH environment wasn't set to my mpich directory, and I remembered that I installed mpich using sudo apt-get install mpich.

To fix it, I removed the installed mpich and set my PATH environment to my mpich. Some libraries supplied by the guide in UCAR were also outdated so I had to download their more recent versions (e.g. netcdf-fortran-4.6.1, mpich-4.1.1)