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Problem creating 3km input file from ECMWF model level data

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I try to initialize a 3km mesh using ECMWF data on model levels. However, I get strange values for Theta, precipw, and rho in the input file and thus a crash of the atmosphere model:

For rho at the first layer in the input file:
Dry air density (kg m^{-3}) : min=-477.252 max=393.065
For Theta at first layer in the input file:
Potential temperature (K) : min=-147.332 max=342.869
for precipw in the input file:
precipitable water (kg m^{-2}) : min=-541.822 max=179.873

When checking the variables at the end of "init_atm_case_gfs" around line 4920, there are no theta values below 200 K. Am I looking at the right place in the code where "theta" values are actually written to the input file?

Any ideas what may go wrong here?


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