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Problem with Eta Ferrier microphysics

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Doing the previously given modifications to the code allow outputing the desired sfclay variable. However, For for some run, WRF crashes after more or less 18 hours when Eta Ferrier (5) microphysic is used. The following message appear in rsl.error*: "Invalid memory reference", and WARN5: Nan temperature which is surprisingly related to the use of Eta Ferrier (
I have performed the following test:

-WRF v4.1.2 with sfclay PBL variables edits , with Eta Ferrier==> crash after 18h run
-WRF v4.0.3 with sfclay PBL variables edits , with Eta Ferrier ==> crash after 18h run
-WRF v4.0.3 with sfclay PBL variables edits , with WSM6 ==> ok
-WRF v4.0.3 without sfclay PBL variables edits , with Eta Ferrier ==> ok

Is there any explanation for this phenomena ? Please find attached to this message the rsl.error file, the namelist and the modification made in WRF v4.0.3 to successfully outptut the desired sfclay PBL variable.

Sincerely yours


  • module_first_rk_step_part1.F
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I have moved this topic to the WRF Physics topic, as this is a new problem no longer related to the previous section. Someone will respond to your inquiry soon.

Please examine your wrfout files, find when and where the first NaN value appeared, and trace back to other variables that may possibly lead to the NaN values. I believe it is related to the modification you have made in the codes.