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Query on the mapping of aerosol species in mozbc input file for RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemical mechanism while using CAM-Chem output for chemical IC/BC


Dear everyone,
I ran WRF-Chem successfully with the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option (chem_opt=11) using MOZART4 data to include chemical IC/BC in the wrfbdy and wrfinput files. But the MOZART4 data is not available after January 21, 2018. So, to simulate the recent periods, I have to use the CAM-Chem model output. I downloaded the CAM-Chem data, and I noticed that some variables are different as compared to the MOZART4 dataset. In the RADM2SORG.inp file (which is provided with the Mozbc utility), the following mapping is given for aerosol species:
But I checked the variables available in the CAM-Chem dataset, and there are no variables like OC1, OC2, SOA, CB1, CB2, SA1, SA2, SA3, SO4, NH4NO3, DUST1, DUST2, DUST3, etc in the dataset. For your convenience, I attached the hdr.out file (generated after giving the command: 'ncdump -h').
Some similar variables, like dst_a1, dst_a2, and dst_a3 are available with CAM-Chem data. So, should I replace DUST1, DUST2, and 'DUST3 with these variables? For BC, there are two variables I can see: bc_a1 and bc_a4. So, are they the same as CB1 and CB2? Is any sample mapping for aerosol species available for the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option while using the CAM-Chem model output for chemical IC/BC? Can anyone please provide me with the sample mapping? That will be very helpful for me. I am eagerly looking forward to getting guidance on this. Thank you for your time and consideration.
With regards,


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Hi Ankan,

Did you ever manage to find a good mapping scheme for this? I'm currently also working on this so was wondering if you'd made any progress.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Tom,
I wasn't able to find a good mapping scheme for this. You can seek guidance from the experts.
Best wishes,