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Question in processing SST data by ungrib


New member
Dear all
Since ungrib only processes grib/grib2 file and the SST datasets I find basically only provide netccdf file. Which tool do you usually use to convert nc to grib? or where can I find global SST datasets that provide grib/grib2 file?
If your datasets come in netCDF format, you only need to convert them to the "intermediate" format that's expected by the metgrid program. This section of the WRF Users' Guide discusses how to do this. If you do some searching on this forum, there are also several posts about python scripts that have been used to do this, which may make it easier for you. I know some people use the Pywinter tool, which is not something supported by our group, but it seems to work for many.
Thank you for your in time reply! besides, I have another question about SST, I'll post a new post.