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Rain rate in wrfout file


Hello all,
How can we get the rain rate (mm/hr) from wrf simulation? I saw there rainc and rainnc, but they are accumulated. I need the rate not accumulated. Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Chetan,
According to the

Registry.EM_COMMON file, there are a couple of variables you can request to output for rain rate.

state    real  PRATEC           ij      misc        1         -      r        "PRATEC"                "PRECIP RATE FROM CUMULUS SCHEME"                         "mm s-1"
state    real  PRATESH          ij      misc        1         -      r        "PRATESH"               "PRECIP RATE FROM SHALLOW CUMULUS SCHEME"                 "mm s-1"

So if you're not using a shallow cumulus scheme, I believe you would just be interested in "PRATEC," which is not output by default. To output this variable, take a look at the "Runtime I/O" option.