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Re-scaling Variables Vertically

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I'm trying to figure out how to plot composites of averages of a number of variables with respect to height Z from WRF. What I'm looking for is the same as what is done in Jones, et al. 2011 paper:

"For the composited profiles, the profiles were scaled so each LCL and zi aligned. The composite mean was then rescaled so that the dashed black line indicates the mean zi for each subset of profiles included in the composite, and the dashed red line the mean LCL."

I'm attaching the respective plot from the paper. What I'm struggling with is that the height dimension of each variable is discretized into a number of pre-set vertical levels, and I cannot see how I can determine a fixed height and scale the height dimensions for all of them, so that their average will have the same height. I tried using wrf_user_vert_interp in order to interpolate the variables for a fixed number of layers for each point in the domain, so that when averaging all of them, they'll have the same number of vertical levels scaled to their respective zi (inversion height). But I received the error that wrf_user_vert_interp only works with 3D or 4D variables, and the problem is I am interested in doing so for each point in the domain.

I really appreciate some help.



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